Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Project Pack-a-Lunch and Plan: Eat More Plants

I know it's less expensive and healthier to carry a lunch than it is to venture into the wilds of Manhattan to procure one. I did the math once, and my brain exploded. Even if I buy bagged "triple-washed" lettuce, only costs me about $3 for a salad from home that would cost me $10 if I buy it downstairs at the deli. That's a $7/day savings, and yet for some reason, I often have a hard time motivating myself to be bothered.

That's ridiculous - a week of $7 splurges is $28 a week for me. That's $1400 a year (assuming two weeks off in the year). Folks, that's not chump change. That's a vacation for the three of us. That's a new appliance. Or that second shed for storing the conventions in. It's... real money On something I can easily manage to do.

I'm always starting and stalling on PPaL, but I figure if I just make it a regular thing, I can do this. I've got a new spiffy office blender for making smoothies here from frozen fruit I can bring from home or at a grocery store here in the city. I've got at least four containers appropriate for hauling salad. and I have no excuse not to.

Tomorrow and Friday's plans:
farina or oatmeal from my "pantry" here at work.

Oranges (before they go off!)

salad - bagged lettuce, chopped peppers and onions, shredded carrot. TJ's feta cheese, cooked chickpeas. dried cranberries and pecans.
Imagine! butternut squash soup - I have a box of it that has been in my emergency lunch stash for far too long - I'm using it up.

blueberry almond milk smoothie - I just need to haul in the bag of frozen fruit and a box of almond milk.

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