Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cream of Improv Soup with Cauliflower and Corn

Let me start by noting that if there's ever a pot of soup in our house, and the consensus is that a bag of Trader Joe's roasted corn wouldn't improve things, that's because there's already a bag in there.

Also, this recipe from 101 Cookbooks has changed my soup life forever:

Before we shifted to a more chemical-free, less processed pantry, I used Better than Bouillon for everything.  Anytime I needed a little bit of umami, I'd add a daub.  If you read the ingredient list though, that's unquestionably not ok with somebody in the household who can't eat chemical lab output.

I made a "use the things I have and adjust for the things I'm missing" version of the 101 cookbooks version the other week and it makes soup making so much easier - no need for making or storing broth!

Today's soup might be improved with caramelized onions, or homemade stock instead of water, or cream or cheese, but it's also perfectly lovely as it sits on the stove currently.

8 quarts cauliflower bits and 3 roughly chopped yellow potatoes covered halfway by water.
6 cloves or more of garlic
1 bag TJ's roasted corn
1tbs homemade bouillon paste
1tbs olive oil
2 cans white beans, rinsed

While cooking the cauliflower and potatoes, I cooked the garlic to blond, then added the bouillon paste and cooked that until the edges started to caramelize.  Scrape the mixture into the larger pot, allow things to cool enough to use the immersion blender, add the white beans and blend.

From beginning to end, the most time consuming part was actually hacking the cauliflower into bits.  This is on our keep list!