Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Heatwave of 2012

We have 42 swiss chard plants in the garden.  In this heat, they have just about doubled in size, which means that I can easily harvest a leaf from each, giving us enough for dinner tonight.  two mornings ago, I harvested enough that we had dinner last night.  that's an average of dinner every other day.

I'm awed that something so simply - bitty baby chard plants - have grown into something so vibrant, productive and tasty.

The trees at the back of the property block the direct sunlight from our tomato bed during the hottest heart of the day, which is nice - it means I was able to sneak back there and water then aggressively mid-day without worrying about leaf-scorch.  I dumped about eight gallons of water into their bed, because they were looking somewhat droopy.

Pictures later when I've got them.