Thursday, March 12, 2009

a rant about canned tomatoes

Crohn's Disease means that random and sometimes unpredictable foods set K's tummy off. We have to be careful introducing anything that has a spicy or spicy-ish element.

Monday night, we had The Boyz (more on them later) over for dinner and TV. I made a double batch of the chili recipe from the lowfat Moosewood cookbook.

I was wicked-anxious about this one, because it was new, it relies on jarred salsa, and it uses a copious amount of cumin. (a suspected but increasingly less worrisome trigger) If you're interested, check out the cookbook - I'm not going to violate their copyright, essentially stealing their intellectual property. :-)

The upshot here is that we loved the recipe. The Boyz ate it right up. K has had chili for three meals over the last four days. (including breaking her lunch routine today to take it!)

K loved it so much that we swapped it into the meal plan for next week, removing a more generic and less specific meal option. This means a trip to Whole Foods for canned tomatoes.

Why, when the grocery store has such an array of canned tomato options, would that be necessary, you might ask.

Because Whole Foods is the only place I can get canned tomatoes that are ONLY tomatoes. No Calcium Chloride, no citric acid, no nada. Just tomatoes. And the only two brands I've found that are ONLY TOMATOES are a Jersey-something brand and Pomi brand, which might be owned by somebody I think I should be boycotting. (clearly I haven't researched it very well, because I'm chosing the path of ignorance for now)

At $3.00, take $.50, give up to $1.00, it gets expensive to be buying tomatoes from Whole Foods. I become more and more determined to get this gardening/canning/storing thing down.

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